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What If… We Could Trace Fibers From Roots to Retail?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The title of this blog post caught my attention because it is a subject that has kept me occupied for a while now. How can the new technologies, like blockchain for example, can help create more transparency in the fashion supply chain?

Molecular tagging of genes can identify and verify products creating a forensic proof of origin for more sustainable fashion.

The post was written by Ethical Lifestyle Leader Allison Leah, founder of @Aureum_LLC on fashnerd.com and I wanted to share it here since I liked her point of view on the matter.

She explores the idea of applying the principles of DNA profiling to the fashion supply chain and being able to trace the fibers back to where they came from and what kind of treatments they have had.

"Imagine a Fiber Testing Kit, that any consumer could purchase, bring home to their closet, and run a quick analysis on their favourite t-shirt."

Intrigued? Please read the complete article here!

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Image source: https://fashnerd.com/2017/12/molecular-tagging-fibers-from-roots-to-retail/

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