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Must Watch Documentaries

This afternoon I watched the BBC documentary by Stacey Dooley about Fashion's Dirty Secrets and felt compelled to share with you some must-watch documentaries about the fashion industry and the challenge we face with it.

As Stacey shows in the show: "It's not that consumers don't care, they are simply not informed." I have been saying for a long time now that education and knowledge are the first steps to changing the industry because we have the power to steer what companies do by voting with our dollars, pounds, euros or any other currency!

Please share with as many people as possible so we can educate more people and change the industry forever!

So if you are looking for some information or inspiration, here are some very interesting documentaries for you to watch:

The True Cost - watch it on Netflix


The River Blue - watch it here.


Stacey Dooley investigates: Fashion's Dirty Secrets - watch it here (until March 7 – VPN it to Belgium)

Part of the full documentary:

Genaaid (for my Dutch friends): watch it here (make sure to VPN it if you are not in the Netherlands)

It is a 5 part series where 5 young fashionista's get the opportunity to design a collection for the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. What they did not know however, was that they would be sent to Myanmar to work and live as the locals working in the fashion industry. They worked on the cotton farm, dyed cotton, tanned leather, sew garments and saw child labour and all of this for a salary that wouldn't even buy them their supper. It was a huge eye-opener for them! I thought it was great how they got offered more sustainable alternatives.

Please share any other documentaries that you feel everyone should watch!

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