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Doughnut Economics in 7 videos

Haven't heard about Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics yet? These 7 short videos will explain in more detail what it is all about! Also, read this to learn more about Doughnut Economics!

1. Change the Goal

For a long time, the focus of economists and politicians has been on GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth. According to Raworth, growing GDP does not necessarily mean wealth for the entire population. She proposes a new goal:

2. Tell a New Story

Current economic models that are being taught today are based on a lot of (often inaccurate) assumptions which have a negative impact on society. Raworth proposes a new vision:

3. Nurture Human Nature

Economic theory speaks about man as "homo economicus" which is totally rational, led by egoism, luxury and money. According to Raworth, these assumptions are incomplete and don't match with the world we want to live in:

4. Get Savvy with Systems

One of the first "visuals" you learn about as an economics student is the supply and demand graph. Too linear according to Raworth and not as innocent as it might seem:

5. Design to Distribute

Inequality is the biggest it has been in the last 30 years. Infinite growth is not only unfeasible, but it can even be dangerous. Raworth states we need to let go of growth as a goal and strive towards redistribution.

6. Create to Regenerate

Besides redistribution, we also need to focus on regenerative design. This way we can fulfil everybody's needs within the possibilities of our beautiful planet:

7. Be Agnostic about Growth

Economists and politicians are addicted to growth. Raworth wants to change that belief. Growth should not be the goal and this is the cornerstone principle of her Doughnut Economics:

Bonus - It's Time for Planetary Boundaries

In this video, Raworth talks about how the scope of economics has evolved throughout time from households to cities and countries. Now it is time for the next step with is expanding to the planet:

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