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Bamboo straws: Do or don’t?

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

I have already written about bamboo before so we know what the benefits are, and when I came across the White Spring® bamboo straws, I really wanted to give them a try.

I have been trying to completely get rid of plastic straws altogether, although I must admit, often when I’m out, I forget to ask and am unpleasantly surprised with a straw in my drink.

Some places have started using paper straws and they do the job although if I’m honest I don’t really like the texture in my mouth nor the fact that they get soggy quite quickly and they generally don't get recycled because they are considered as "contaminated". Metal straws obviously do the job as well, however, my thoughts on that part are: what happens when they are no longer wanted or needed. Do they get recycled properly?

With bamboo, you don’t have any of these problems. The bamboo straws from White Spring® are made with bamboo and only bamboo, without any pesticides or any finishing or coating, so as they are as organic as it gets. They are reusable and of course, they are biodegradable.

bamboo straw, biodegradable, natural, no waste
White Spring® bamboo straws

I have been testing them in different settings and I love them! From my beloved Gin&Tonic to simple water and my homemade smoothies, it does the job. They come in a little cotton bag with 8 straws and 2 cleaning brushes, so super easy to pop into your bag and take them with you. Make sure you clean them before use, just as the box says, because there might be some bamboo dust left from the process.

Initially, I was curious what the feel of the bamboo in my mouth would be like and it is actually quite nice, a little thicker than the plastic ones of course and none of the sogginess from the paper ones.

This is definitely the perfect little gift for yourself and your friends. You can get the White Spring® bamboo straws via www.whitespring.uk.com or now with a temporary 10% discount on Amazon with check-out code WS324977 - now permanently reduced in price to £8.99! (discount code no longer available)

Do yourself and the environment a favour and order them now!

Note: I received the straws free of charge in exchange for a review, I was not paid for this and the above reflects my personal opinion of the product.

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