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Amsterdam has first supermarket with plastic-free aisle, who does better?

#SkyNews launched their campaign #SkyOceanRescue early 2017, creating awareness around the plastics problem in our oceans. However, it really kicked off ever since #TheBluePlanet series with #DavidAttenborough aired on the BBC. The plastics issue in our oceans gained exponential attention throughout the UK and beyond.

Politicians, all of a sudden, have seen the light and are urging supermarkets to take responsibility with plastic-free aisles and reduce plastic packaging throughout. Several supermarket chain have made pledges to work towards making this happen.

During the last few days, news went viral about the first supermarket in Amsterdam doing exactly that: Ekoplaza pop-up supermarket in Amsterdam has more than 700 products available without plastic packaging.

Environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet, which has been promoting the idea, said the aisle was a "landmark moment" in the global fight against plastic pollution.

Ekoplaza will roll out plastic-free aisles across its 74 branches in the Netherlands by the end of this year.

This particular initiative receives a lot of praise and attention, which is definitely a good thing! However, the press seems to forget about all the smaller independent shops that have been offering these products for years already! They were really the first ones and deserve more credit than what they are getting! I really do hope that also the smaller initiatives receive the same amount of abundant new customers, because they are the real pioneers in this area! In the past, several smaller initiatives didn't survive due to lack of interest from the general public and I really hope this time they can ride this wave as well!

Look for local shops in your area that offer packaging-free products and support your local community, not just the large supermarket chains! Plastic-free is one thing, packaging-free is the next step and even better! Within #CircularEconomy, the first step is to reduce! Recycling is the last resort, so if you can avoid unnecessary packaging altogether, even better!

Re-use any glass jars as containers at home and bring it to the shop for refilling. Yes, a small extra effort and you won't regret it!

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