WHO AM I and WHY I started Jolly Green Giant   


I am Lisette, a Dutchie, born&raised in Antwerp (Belgium), currently living in the Italian part of Switzerland and a woman on a mission.


For 8 years, I worked in a multinational in the fashion industry until mid 2016 when I decided that enough was enough. The decisions the company was taking were not in line with my values anymore and at the same time I started questioning if sitting behind a computer staring at Excel sheets all day, without really adding value, was really what I wanted to do. The answer was NO. I want to make a difference in this world and that meant making and taking different decisions.


I want to learn new things and started reading and investigating what is generally referred to as “sustainability”. Quite a vague and generic word really, however with guidance from some trusted people I started learning about Cradle-to-Cradle, circular economy, upcycling, recycling, climate change, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, renewable energy, leasing jeans, pineapple leaf leather, citrus peel fabrics, mushrooms based packaging, electric cars, waste management, plastic soups in the oceans, countless amazing initiatives already out there, and also Conscious Capitalism, Doughnut Economics, blockchain and how to go about investing in the “right” companies and so much more. It is never ending, there is so much information out there and it is EXCITING and scary at the same time.


We are currently living in  very changing and challenging times where we are confronted with a lot of destruction both socially and environmentally. While watching the episodes of Planet Earth and Blue Planet, I wonder why we, the human species, are not taking better care of the wonders of the amazing planet we are living with. Yes, I chose the word with because Mother Nature will outlive us all if we don’t start making drastic changing. She is more powerful than we will ever be!

In these days of #metoo, Mother Nature doesn’t have a voice but she is definitely being abused beyond measure. And she is speaking out in her own way and I am convinced that we will not like what she has to say.


The information out there is plentiful and scary but there is also hope! We, as human beings, got ourselves in this predicament so I do believe that when we work together, we will find ways to restore and improve the equilibrium.


I try my best to make conscious and good decisions every day however I am far from perfect and each day I get confronted with things and decisions where I fail, either because of lack of offer/options, lack of knowledge and lots of other reasons. Making the right decisions when it comes to social and environmental aspects is often arduous and difficult but please don’t give up. Together we can make the better services and products mainstream rather than the exception, together we can demand from companies to make better products that support the environment and people rather than destroy. Without us buying, these companies will not survive and they will be forced to change their approach.


I want to help be part of a movement for good and that is why I founded Jolly Green Giant. It has taken some time to really figure out the why, how and what and it will continue to evolve. With Jolly Green Giant, I want to create an “eco-system” that will be a source for positive change. I want to promote transparency in every sector and will also share my story along the way. I will share the good and the bad, I will write pieces myself based on research or have others write it for me, I will refer to existing information out there and share it on our platform, I will give feedback on brands, products and services out there trying hard to make the shift for good, clean, green, eco, ethical,… we will discuss how to go about sustainable investments, how new technologies like blockchain can help create more security and transparency and lots more. And you will be able to share and comment on all of it!

Proud to say I am now an official member of Ethical Influencers. 


I am far from perfect so please feel free to share feedback! I want to build relationships with readers, bloggers, contributors, brands, etc. so I invite you to get in touch and create a new and better planet for all of us! We need to work together and make it happen!

Picture credits for JP Engele.